MousekeBABE Gang

MousekeBABE gang cover

To all who come to this club, WELCOME!

MousekeBABE Gang is your club. Here, we aspire everyone to be themselves and express their styles. And here, babes may savor the challenge and promise of an amazing community. MBG is dedicated to the creatives, the dreamers, and the inspiring babes who share love for the mouse, with the hope it will be a source of joy and inspiration to our little community.

Fett&Co.’s exclusive, all inclusive, girl gang - aka. Mouseke Babe Gang - is a group where every girl boss, influencer or overall Disney fan in the Disney Community can really come together to support each other. “Girls Support Girls” is how it should be, and we’re here to promote that more in our DisCommunity. 

On our Facebook Community, we aim to help with social networking, create new friendships for all, and have some exclusive giveaways and contests! This will also be a space where you can ask technical questions, ask for help and share ideas! And here on our Website, we have our exclusive MBG merch!

Who’s the leader of this club that’s made for you and me? Well, YOU ARE, of course! Everyone is the writer of their own story, and we’re here to support you and yours.

Welcome to MousekeBABE Gang!