Forest Moon of Endor Vintage Motel Keytag

Forest Moon of Endor Vintage Motel Keytag


Our second stop on our Magical Motel Roadtrip is at the Treehouse Villas on Forest Moon of Endor! In a galaxy far far away, located on the outer rim, sits the Forest Moon of Endor and the luxurious Treehouse Villas! The Ewoks have opened their homes to tourists to explore and adventure all through their local forests and hope you enjoy your stay! Nuv! 

🔑Each key is made with 1/8" satin finished Alder Wood, and engraved! Each key also has a unique and random room number, so every order will be different! There will also be a brass jump ring and key ring attached to each keytag.

**Stocked at HQ**

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