Bonny in Blush at Broom's Bloom

Brittany Fett at Broom's Bloom

If you work from home, then I'm sure you could relate to me when I say that sometimes being inside all day, every day, feels worse than actually having to get up and go to work. For me, being inside a building at all times of the day, does not sit well with my spirit. So when Derek told me he wasn't going to be going into work, I instantly knew I wanted to get out of the house for lunch. 

Brooms Bloom
Brittany Fett writing in her Day Designer Planner
Brittany Fett working Girl Boss

We decided to head to the little farm right down the street from our house, Broom's Bloom. Broom's Bloom is a local farm in Harford County, Maryland that specializes in homemade ice cream and locally grown lunch entrees. Seriously, this is one of my favorite places to eat in my home town. It was nice to grab my Day Designer planner, Donald pen from Disney World, sit outdoors and just soak in the sun while enjoying the calm, fall breeze.  While we waited for our food, I took the time to plan out my scheduling for the weeks ahead, as well as sketch some new business ideas!

Maryland Half and Half soup at Brooms Bloom
BLT at Brooms Bloom

However, when the food arrived, my work went directly back into my bag and I chowed down. To say that locally grown food is the BEST, should be the biggest understatement of the year. I ordered a cup of Maryland half and half soup. Which if you don't live in Maryland, you probably have no clue what that is! Well, Maryland "Red" soup, is crab soup in a tomato base with veggies. Maryland "Cream of Crab" soup is a crab chowder with potatoes and veggies. Half and half is a mix of both together! And let me tell you, it is my favorite soup of all time. Besides the soup, I also ordered a half BLT sandwich. Broom's Bloom's BLT's are amazing. They feature locally grown, bright red tomatoes, lettuce and bacon from their farm. Sure a BLT is simple, but when all the ingredients are fresh and local it's like eating an entirely new sandwich. To wash all this delicious food down, I grabbed a mason jar filled with Broom's Bloom's Sweet Tea that's infused with orange slices. 

Sunflower Field at Brooms Bloom
Local Broom's Bloom sign

What's even more special about Broom's Bloom is the "extra" stuff they provide for their customers. During the holidays they have Halloween nights, and a Christmas train village, but at the end of Summer to the beginning of Fall a huge field of Sunflowers pop up. I used to come here with my Photography clients for lifestyle shoots, and it's one of my favorite local locations. With Broom's Bloom's farm centered in the background this year (the field moves every year due to soil), it's the perfect place to get a few photos. 

Brittany Fett in the Sunflower field at Brooms Bloom

When Fall hits in Maryland, the sun is still warm and the breeze is crisp. And every year Fall comes, I get thrown into a 18th Century state of mind. Don't ask me why, because I have no reasoning! One thing about me is that I'm obsessed with that time period - well, any time period occurring in the Medieval, Renaissance or Georgian age (that's usually 14th to 19th century for all of you who don't know). Probably because Renn Fest only opens in the Fall where I live, and anytime I can dress even similar to characters in my favorite book (Pride + Prejudice) I am a happy camper. 

Brittany Fett in Sunflower field
Brittany Fett running in Sunflower field at Brooms Bloom

Anyway, back to the point, because of that I decided to where my blush colored, flowy dress that I bought from Romwe. This dress helps create a flawless, and yet effortless Fall look. With the top of the dress embroidered with flowers and small, subtle buttons center down the length of the dress, this dress is bonny in it's own right. The light blush color is perfect for girls who aren't a huge fan of pink (virtually raising my hand over here) but still likes to feel like a cute princess from time to time. 

Brittany Fett silly face Brooms Bloom Sunflower field

So if you're a GirlBoss like myself, sometimes it pays to take your lunch and work outside! I encourage you to take a peep around your local hometown and just explore! You never know what diamond in the rough you could find! Lunch will definitely be happening for Fett+Co. at Broom's Bloom more often. 

xo, BrittanyFett

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