Centaurette Design Collab Ft. RexClothiers


BrittanyFett Centaurette Collab

Happy Thursday friends! Today I wanted to show you an amazing collab that my friend, Maggie, and I have been working on for quite some time! She reached out to me wanting to come up with something fun and unique to showcase her skirts and my tee designs. And we came up with the Centaurettes!

Centurettes Fett&Co tee design

If you didn't know the Centaurettes are in Disney's Fantasia. And they're certainly magical af. The short cartoon is played during the "Pastoral Symphony" and feature the half female, half horse Centaurettes of many different colors who were in love with their Centaurs. If you haven't seen this classic short, I definitely recommend that you do. 

Maggie RexClothiers Centaurette Collab

Back to the collab - It didn't take long for Maggie and I to land on the idea of the Centaurettes and a cute lacey skirt combination. The design was hand drawn by me, and then distressed to give it that vintage, cutesy feel. It was then placed on a Bella + Canvas, oatmeal colored triblend tee. 

RexClothiers Lace skirt color options

Maggie from Rex Clothiers, handmade this amazing lace skirt to compliment my Fett&Co. tee. Her skirt can come in a variety of colors (shown in the chart above) and that's not all - THEY. HAVE. POCKETS. Yes, you heard me, pockets! And trust me when I say, I spent ten minutes geeking out because my phone could fit in my pocket! All of these colors were picked to compliment the Centaurette tee design, so any color you choose will be perfect! 

BrittanyFett Centaurette tee and RexClothier skirt
Maggie Centuarette tee and skirt collab

Together, the Fett&Co. tee and RexClothiers skirt are a match made in colorful heaven. So if you're a fan of the Centaurettes or anything bright and colorful, you'll definitely want to get your hands on both the tee and the skirt! Best part is, they're both going to be available this Saturday, July 8th, in both Fett&Co. and RexClothier's shops! Until next time!

Shops Pictured: Fett&Co. (tee), RexClothiers (skirt), SoulfullyCali (floral wire ears, worn by Britt), Shay's Secret Grotto (floral crown, worn by Maggie), Bling&Brew (coffee cozy), and Hazel&Bean (shoes). 

xo, BrittanyFett