First Time at the Cove Bar


When I found out that I would be going to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, the first thing I knew that I wanted to do was go to the Cove Bar. Mainly because all the drinks looked so colorful and I heard that they didn't skimp on the alcohol. And man was I pleasantly surprised. 

BrittanyFett at the Cove Bar

When you first show up to the Cove Bar there's a wait like any normal restaurant, except this is just a bar/lounge area. The Cove Bar also doesn't have a reservation line. You just have to wait. I kind of liked this little fact because it gave everyone an equal chance in partaking in the Cove Bar goodness. After waiting around 25-30 minutes, we were seated in the back lefthand corner of the little patio. I loved how close and cozy the Cove Bar actually was. The Cove Bar resides on a little patio overlooking the water with the views of California Screamin' and Mickey's FunWheel. Their service was also fast and the wait staff was so nice.

Chicken Nachos at the Cove Bar
Chicken Nachos

When the waiter came around to us, we quickly ordered our alcoholic beverages and then two orders of chicken nachos. (I know, we didn't go for the Lobster nachos because honestly it was so hot and I just wasn't in the mood for Seafood) With tortilla chips, black beans, pica de gallo, peppers, cilantro, chipotle creama, chicken and jack and cheddar cheese - the nachos were amazing! With four people, we thought we'd need two orders of nachos to share between us, but we honestly only ate half of each one. Maybe because it was so hot, or we weren't that hungry, but one of the nachos were more than enough for us. 

Alcoholic Drinks at the Cove Bar
Mai-Tai Pina Colada and Fun Wheel
BrittanyFett drinking at the Cove Bar

The drinks we ordered were the Fun Wheel, the Pina Colada and the Mai-Tai. The Fun Wheel was definitely the most colorful, and in my opinion the STRONGEST of the three. I ordered the Pina Colada and personally didn't like the raspberry that they added (so I switched with someone for the Fun Wheel, haha). But the Mai-Tai was the BEST. The flavor was on point, the alcohol was strong and it was still sort of refreshing! I know the Mai-Tai isn't really a special drink, but it was hands down the best out of the bunch. 

BrittanyFett FunWheel Cove Bar
Cove Bar at night

Overall, I had to give the Cove Bar 4 stars! Though there wasn't a large selection of food or drinks to choose from, it was a great little lounge to take a minute to relax in a Disney park. The only reason I'd give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because even though it's covered, it's not a great place to escape the heat. And still to this day, the Tune-In Lounge still remains my favorite place to grab a drink, eat a small meal and cool off! 

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