A Day in the Life of a #GirlBoss

Good morning friends! So I was super inspired by Kassey (Coolest Disney ear-maker over at Magicallymadeears.com and @magicallymade_ears on IG) to create a blog! I've actually had blogs before and I never could keep up with them, on top of everything else I was doing - but I'm determined to give it another go! 

So today I wanted to show you guys a day in the life of a #girboss. Some may think that it's super easy and relaxing being able to stay home and "run a business". But I'm here to show you that it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Let's take a walk through my day, shall we?

7:30 AM - My day officially starts on the weekdays when my Moana alarm wakes me up to get my little mini me ready for school. From 7:30 - 8:30am I am hustling, making cereal, brushing hair, getting her and myself dressed, making lunch, and driving her little butt up to the corner of our neighborhood to catch the bus. 

8:30 AM - After I come home to an almost quiet house (My dog, Apollo makes sure it's never fully quiet around here) I walk straight into the kitchen and make myself some coffee and grab something to eat for breakfast. I'm pretty old school when it comes to my coffee. I can't stand to use my Keurig anymore, it's seriously gross. I like to boil my water in my kettle, and then use either my Chemix PourOver or my French Press to brew my coffee. My coffee of choice is always Starbuck's Espresso. Today's breakfast was an Apple Turnover - yum! 

9:00 AM - With my coffee and breakfast in hand, I head to the couch to start work for the day. Why the couch? Well, because my office is in the basement and 1. It is a complete wreck from storage cleaning and 2. It's freezing down there. I work best in the morning/afternoon. So usually the first thing I do while eating, is hop on my Instagram to talk to some of my favorite Shop Makers, scroll though some amazing other small shop feeds, and maybe even make a post. After that I usually work on more "professional" type things. Like working on my website, marketing, photography, branding, etc. Today, I am preparing to add my Dad hats to my website for it's launch tomorrow as well as switching out all the shirt previews that I previously had on American Apparel brand tees (wahhhhh) and switching them over to Bella + Canvas brand tees. If I'm not working on my Fett&Co. business, then I'm usually helping a Disney client with booking or planning a Disney Vacation! Besides making these bomb tees, I am a Disney Vacation planner with a Disney Authorized travel agency called Travel with the Magic. So if you're wanting to plan a vacation, contact me! All of this while my boyfriend, Derek, calls me every ten minutes between jobs at his work. This boy is constantly on the phone with me on weekdays (it's kinda cute, also kinda distracting). 

12:00 PM - At noon, I always force myself to take a break. I have extreme anxiety, and if I don't force myself to take a break daily, I basically burn myself out. Even though sometimes I still burn out, these nice little "lunch breaks" helps a lot to keep my daily productivity up. Usually I make something fast for lunch while watching a tv show or two that I've recorded on my DVR. Taking this lunch break also gives myself a little bit of "me time". As soon as Madalyn and Derek get home from work and school, the house gets chaotic, so I take this time for a little peace and tv time of something that I actually want to watch (that isn't Power Rangers, Minecraft or another video game). Today's lunch break features, Star Wars pasta and Big Little Lies on HBO, while burning Wishes Candle Co's "Ask the Dishes" candle! 

1:20 PM - At this time today, the mail lady dropped off a good amount of Magic Mail. Of course, whenever this happens I get 100% distracted with things I need to actually be doing. Who doesn't like getting goodies in the mail though!? Today I received Fett&Co. tees that need to be shipped out to some lovely people, Disney patches for my DIY denim jacket, a beautiful pair of pink velvet ears from See Ya Real Soon Ears (@seeyarealsoonears on IG) and my third and new Fett&Co. dad hat design! And because I couldn't contain my excitement, I had to take to Instagram and share my Magic Mail on my Story. After that, I then made a post on Instagram introducing my third hat design that will be for sale during my first Hat opening! 

2:00 PM - At this point, I go back to work. More marketing, website working as well as looking up things for Disney Clients for my Travel Agency. Today in particular, I am organizing a client file for large family vacation in August. Sometimes the work can take hours, luckily today I don't have much to do. For example, the other day I spent over 4 hours on the phone with Disney booking Advanced Dining Reservations for a client's trip: 23 people for dinner reservations at Cinderella's Royal table? DONE. The rest of the 15 dining reservations they wanted to make for 23 people and equally hard places to get reservations (i.e. Be Our Guest, Chef Mickey's etc.)? DONE. Depending on the day, my job can be extremely stressful. On top of that, I've been starting to plan my own family vacation in September. I have been waiting months to book our family's vacation and today is the day I can finally do so! Though I keep trying to push my excitement aside so I can work on my client's needs first. 

3:35 PM - At this point in the day, I need to stop whatever it is I'm working on (usually right in the middle, oy) and head to the bus stop to go pick up Madalyn from school. The next half an hour or so consists of me telling her multiple times to put her book bag and lunch box away correctly and for her not to leave her shoes and her school papers in the middle of the floor. Elementary school guys, it's a troubling time. After she finally puts all of her things away, she usually unwinds from the day, but today she's cleaning her bedroom. Mainly because she's put it off all weekend, so now she has to do it today. She's not thrilled. But I hear Disney music blaring out of her Pirates of the Caribbean boombox while she cleans, so that always makes me smile. 

4:00 PM - From here on out, the night is a blur and is all over the place. I move from either making dinner for the family when Derek gets home from work, or we order out. Not going to lie, most of the time we order out. Tonight I'm making stuffed Mushroom caps for Derek and I and whatever Madi is in the mood for, for her. After dinner, we usually wind down a bit. Derek and Madi play video games, and I sit beside them in the living room, usually designing new tee ideas. I try to keep all my business stuff during the day while the family is out, but that rarely happens. During the evening I'm still responding to emails, working on things for clients when they text me randomly and finding light to take photos for my Fett&Co. Instagram (which is a huge part of my business). If we're not winding down, we're running to Target to get dog food, or something else that is needed that we completely forgot about. 

8:00 PM - Now is the time that we put Madalyn to bed. After about 20 minutes of her trying to come up with any possible reason to stay up (hair tie still in her hair, needs to pee, needs a drink, wants another hug, etc), she finally goes to sleep. After she's fully in bed, Derek and I put on The X-Files on Netflix, grab popcorn and pickles, and begin packaging Fett&Co. shipments. Why don't I do this during the day? Well you'll be amazing surprised how much easier it is to package orders when you have a helping hand. We created an assembly line system that works amazingly! We have it down to a science now. Also, it gives me time to work on the rest of my business aspects and my Travel Agent clients during the day time. We package until we're done, and then we head to bed. 

There you have it! That's a day in the life for this #girlboss. Is it glamorous? Definitely not! Is it full of ups and downs? Heck yes it totally is. There's usually a ton of meltdowns thrown into the day, but also tons of laughter. I am thankful for every opportunity that I have. I work extremely hard to make the best out of this company that I've created and to also provide the best service when working with my Disney Clients. I am extremely thankful for my family and putting up with me, and my friends who I can vent to when something crazy goes on in the Disney community. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read into my crazy day! 

xo, BrittanyFett.