First Time Trying Hello Fresh

Madi Fett with Hello Fresh
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Last week I decided to break down and finally try the newest home craze: Meal Delivery. I decided to give Hello Fresh a try for the first time! If you didn't know, Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that delivers dinner meals directly to your front door. They have different menu items or "service plans" that you can choose from, also how many nights of meals you would like to have delivered.

Brittany Fett and Hello Fresh
Fetts and Hello Fresh

I personally chose the Classic Plan for 2 with 3 meals delivered a week. This is perfect for my family because Madi is not quite old enough to eat a full serving size and we often have left overs anyway. I admit, I was a bit nervous about there not being enough food but after making the first meal, I'm happy to report that I didn't make the wrong decision. The two people portion was more than enough to feed us comfortably. 

Hello Fresh food

When we received the box on our doorstep, I was more than excited to rip it open! How was it packaged? How was it stored and refrigerated? And when I actually did open, I was not disappointed. Everything was so cute and individually packaged per meal, and it just made it super easy identifying what food went with what recipe. 

Hello Fresh recipes
Hello Fresh at the Fetts

One thing that I was a bit upset about was that whoever packaged our box, forgot to include the meat for one of our recipes. This was no big deal for us because it was ground beef and we had some already in our freezer. The only reason it was a bit upsetting was because what if we didn't have it. Or what if it was an ingredient that was expensive at our local grocery store and I didn't have it or the money on hand. Little things like this could be a big stone for some people. 

Luckily, because it was my first box, I received $30 off. Normally the price for the plan I picked is $59.94 per week. But because it was my first, I only paid $29.94. If this wasn't my discounted box, and I had a missing item, I would have definitely been more upset than I was. And these things can be easily addressed if something like this does happen normally. But to be completely honest, I'm not the luckiest person in the world (ha ha).

Madi Fett and Brittany Fett Hello Fresh

But Hello Fresh is not like every other subscription box. Hello Fresh gives you the option to skip weeks if you need or want to. This is extremely helpful for us, as we're not particularly good at making dinner every night, and it takes us over a week to use all three meals. We order a box every other week. We also get to pick and choose what meals we'd like to eat! There are 8 different meals that you get to choose from, to create your own menu for the week. The meal options change weekly as well so there is always a fresh option to choose from. 

Try Hello Fresh

If you'd like to try Hello Fresh be sure to try now while they have the $30 off your first box promo! If you think about it $60 a week for 3 full dinner meals is not a bad deal at all. We spend a lot more money at the grocery store so it's not so bad for us! The best part about Hello Fresh is not having to think about what to make for dinner. The meals are portioned, with just enough produce, meat and veggies that you need to make the meal and thats that! If you'd decide to try it, or if you have tried it, let me know what you think about it in the comments below! 

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