Jungle VIPs

BrittanyFett + MadiFett with Jungle VIPs

Meeting King Louie at Animal Kingdom, was a HIGHLIGHT of this Disney Vacation for me, so I figured I'd tell you about my experience. I of course was wearing my Fett+Co. Jungle VIP tee, and the main thing I wanted to do was get photos with the King of the Jungle, himself.

King Louie hugs BrittanyFett
King Louie and BrittanyFett

We were walking to get into the meet and greet line when I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turned around I got buried in a bunch of burnt orange colored fur! It wasn't until I was freed from the grasp, did I realize it was King Louie! And as soon as I realized it was him, he took notice to my tee. Que both of us freaking out! If you've ever been approached by a character as they were walking to their meet and greet spot, then you know these moments are brief. But it was still epic to note!

BrittanyFett and King Louie
MadiFett and Baloo

King Louie quickly turned away from me and moved to the front of the line that I had just joined. Now my adrenaline was pumping! I was so excited to actually be able to have a moment with King Louie and Baloo from the Jungle Book. After waiting patiently, it was finally our turn!

I, of course, jogged up to King Louie and he once again embraced me in a huge hug! Madi was a bit too afraid of King Louie (thanks to the Live Action movie) so she stayed next to Baloo the entire time, and hugged the crap out of him. But back to King Louie - he literally did not take his arm from around me until the very end of our meet and greet! I was wrapped in a warm cocoon of fake fur, and it was GLORIOUS! 

Brittany and King Louie dancing
Brittany showing Louie her Fett+Co tee
BrittanyFett reaches the top

After King Louie motioned towards my shirt to Baloo, he quickly came over to us and we all began dancing and singing along to "I wanna be like you". They even asked if I could "reach the top". And guys, I'm five foot exactly...I had to jump for it! But I did it, I reached the top! 

King Louie kisses BrittanyFett

We got our pictures, and our autographs and sadly it was now our time to let the next group come up. But that didn't stop King Louie from kissing all over my face! It caught me so off guard, but I couldn't stop laughing! I think I was just most excited that it wasn't an awkward, stand around, kind of meet and greet with King Louie and Baloo. I actually had a blast with these Jungle VIPs and can't wait to meet them again next time! 

What I wore: Jungle Vip Tee (Fett+Co.), Shorts (Romwe), Ears (Leo+Libra), Sunglasses (#Hashtag Sunglasses).

xo, BrittanyFett