Styled Dining Room - Thanksgiving

BrittanyFett Setting A Table for Thanksgiving

Hello, friends! So, I'm going to be honest with you. Owning a home isn't easy! If you own, then you know what I'm talking about. And if you're renting, not quite there in your life yet, then fair warning! But I will tell you something, you will find pleasure in home owning! One of my pleasures is weirdly, setting my dining room table. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before in my life, so I think it's super weird - even though it's probably not. But to me, there's something so inviting and proper about having a set table! So I'm going to share with you my Fall / Thanksgiving dining room table setting! Also, fair warning, a lot of this stuff is from Target (this is not an #ad but I wish it was lol).

BrittanyFett putting on a Table Runner
BrittanyFett Table setting

Let's just jump right into it, shall we? When setting my dining room table, the first thing I grab is my Table Runner and the table settings that I use! This table runner is my absolute favorite. It's weaved with thick fabric and all the fabric in it are very neutral colors. This exact one isn't being sold anymore but this one is very similar! And if you haven't noticed from my instagram, branding, home decor, etc. I love neutral colors with touches of green. After the table runner is set, I grab my table settings. The gold chargers and chic white plates are from the dollar store of all places! Things don't have to be expensive to look good - pro tip ;). Our gold silverware can be found for $2 a piece at Target. The napkins (actually fabric placeholders that made better napkins honestly) and napkin rings were both found in the dollar section of Target as well! I set the place for four. Our handmade farm table actually sits six, but since there are only three of us, we only set the table for four. Plus, sitting our table for six is unnecessary and would make our table crowded. 

BrittanyFett creating center piece
Beginning of the season table setting
Thanksgiving Decor Marble Pumpkin

After the essentials are placed, I start to think about the decorations for the table. The first thing I did was place a wooden slab/serving platter in the center of the table runner. Mine was gifted to me during my Engagement party, but it's of course, from Target. I like to use this as a slightly raised area to create a center piece on the table. As you can probably tell from the inconsistency of my photos, I've changed around our fall table decor a few times since the start of the season! At first, I had real pumpkins and squash assorted along the table. But as the season went on, and the foliage started to go bad, I switched them out for fake decorations to avoid a mess. I've placed these fake marble pumpkins, found at Target a few years back, along the table runner just as a hint of extra decoration for a more simple touch.

Thanksgiving Table
Dining Room Fett+CO BrittanyFett

As for the center piece, I stuck to my neutral theme, to tie the entire table together. I first placed these black and gold candlesticks that I found at our local Goodwill (but were Target brand) onto the wooden slab and then placed black tapers in them. I feel like the black contrasts against the natural wood and all the neutral colors! I then placed white pumpkins along the candle sticks, followed by my white Fox salt and pepper shakers, also found at Target. Lastly, I placed a nice apple scented candle right dab in the center. As you could see in the pictures before, I had a pumpkin floral arrangement in place of the candle. Florals are always my goto, but it's nice to just place a simple candle in its place when it starts to get out of season. But as you can see in the background, I always keep my flowers even when they die anyway.

BrittanyFett Bar Dining Room
Fixer Upper Chip and Johanna Gaines Hearth and Hand Cardamom and Vetiver candle

Moving onto our bar / buffet area, you can see that I like to again, tie in the neutral colors. We started out by placing my Crosley record player in the middle to sort of create a barrier. To the left side, we placed Derek's late Grandmother's handmade (yes...100% handmade and hand painted!!!) pineapple cookie jar which is super special to both of us. Next to that, we placed our Disney Champagne flutes, and our whiskey and wine decanter that we received as gifts for our Engagement party. To the right side of the record player, we placed some of our alcohol, my yellow rose bouquet (that is yes, dead lol) and our vintage, "Bar" lamp that we thrifted from Goodwill.

Placed on both sides of the record player, we set a fake green pumpkin, purchased from Target, as well as our new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia candles. These candles are from Fixer Upper's, Chip and Johanna Gaines new line at Target. I went with the Cardamom & Vetiver scented pillar candle, which I placed inside of thrifted cork coasters that was the perfect size to hold it! The cork coaster gives it a great vintage and neutral touch, and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the glass pillar candle holders that are normal to place them in. So this was a great, new, creative option! 

On top of the record player, I wanted to make sure not to crowd it. So I simply placed two wooden evergreen trees, found in the dollar section at Target, a battery-powered pillar candle in a weaved glass jar, and a wooden bowls full of apples. The wooden trees added the perfect amount of height between the bar and the art on the walls, while keeping it simple, neutral and adding more pops of green to the room.

Dining Room Art Wall hangings
Letterfolk The Poet in Dining room
The Salty Moose Art Print

While I'm talking about the styling of my dining room, I wanted to touch base on the simple additions of wall art. I tend to go crazy when adding art or photos to my home. So I try to draw it back, and make sure to not overcrowd. You don't need a gallery wall on every wall, ya feel? Anyway, the focal point on our dining room wall is definitely the tropical leaf print. I got this as a gift during my Engagement Party, but once again, it was bought from Target. Nestled to each side of the print are actually two smaller shop pieces. To one side I have my Letterfolk, The Poet letter board. I absolutely love this piece of art, which is exactly what it is! It's a letter board that comes with plastic letters that you can push in and take out of the board. This is a great interchangeable artwork. What ever you're feeling inspired by at the moment, you can quote, or record onto the letter board! And finally, on the other side, I have a framed piece of art from The SaltyMoose. Jackie is an amazing creative and her signs are to die for! I personally own three of them! I selected her "Home is where the magic is" piece to hang in my dining room because that's where I want to spend more family time, and honestly that's where I feel the most like home in my house. 

thrifted light fixture vintage
The Nizers

Finally, the last thing I want to note about my dining room is the light fixture. Now a days, all you see plastered all over social media is the shiny, gold metal and white globe light fixtures (and trust me - I want one!). But if you don't have the money on all that glitz and glam, I suggest thrifting! This light fixture we found at our local Goodwill store. When we found it, it was U G L Y. It had big, frosted and designed scones that were on top of the black metal and in them were big round light bulbs. I, however, fell in love with the metal and wood work of this piece (and the $15 price tag!). We popped a few Edison bulbs in there and it instantly became our favorite piece in the entire house! If you can't tell, we love natural wood, neutrals and tying in more industrial type pieces. Luckily Derek and I practically share the same decor style.

The dining room is a place where your family gathers around and shares their day. But for us, it's also a lot more! It's where I'm planning on spending most of Madi's homeschool days starting tomorrow, and it's also a big decor space for me to showcase our home style. Let me know what you think about our dining room style! Do you like these types of blog posts? Let me know if you do and what other home decor pieces you'd like to see from us - The Nizer's. Have an amazing day and thanks for reading!

xo, BrittanyFett